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S3 (Simple Storage Service)

S3 is used to store flat files (objects) like PDFs and Word Documents. It can also be used to host static websites.


CloundFront is Amazon’s CDN. It’s a system of distributed servers that deliver content to a user based on the geographic location of the user, content origin, and the delivery server....

Join an Ubuntu 18 Server to an AD Domain

realmd is an “on demand system DBus service which allows callers to configure network authentication and domain membership”. It is used to allow users to log into a Linux server...

Self-Signed SSL

Sometimes you’re working on an internal network and you need to enable SSL. Why? Because you don’t want your credentials sniffed by anyone on the network.

Secure Installation of OSTicket

Using Ubuntu 18.04 with Nginx and MySQL

Open Source Intelligence

Being able to research and learn everthing about your target is a mission-critical aspect of any penetration test. One of the ways to gather information about a target is through...