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Activating Windows 10 inside a Virtual Machine

I really tried. I gave Windows 10 a solid month of use before deciding that I couldn’t keep using it. It was a tough decision because I use Windows so much for my work. I needed to install Windows 10 inside of a Virtual Machine.

After installing everything and getting it up and running, I was having troubles activating the installation of Windows 10 from our KVM Server at work. After searching the internet, I came across this article from TechRepublic which provided a working solution.

KVM Servers work on a hardware signature which activates the Windows installation per hardware device. By using a Virtual Machine the signature had changed and was invalid for activating windows. The solution? Upload your signature into the VM and activate.

How To

  • From the linux host machine, install acpica-tools

  • Once installed, run sudo acpidump -n MSDM

  • In the output, look for the 25-Digit Alpha-numeric signature spanning several lines on the rightmost of the output. This is the product key you need to activate Windows.

  • Inside of the Windows VM, Start > Search for “Activation”

  • Click on “Change Product Key” and input the signature key you obtained from the host computer. You should now be able to activate Windows 10.